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Artopex offers three systems products to meet all your panel requirements. Nano is a basic panel system with lots of style. Take Off Systems features acoustical fabric panels that interface with Take Off Freestanding product. UniT takes it a step further with desk-height electrical raceways.

Artopex Nano
Artopex Take Off Systems
Take Off Systems
Artopex UniT
UniT Systems

OBEX Panel Extenders

Extend your existing panels with Panel Extenders. Panel Extenders are available for panels and desks, in several heights and widths. Styles include acoustical fabric and polycarbonate. The PolyPanel is an option for tile-and-frame look in a monolothic design.

Panel Extenders
Clear Polycarbonate Panel Extenders
Panel Extenders
Desk Panel in Clear Polycarbonate
Panel Extenders
Panel Extenders in Blue Polycarbonate